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Games are my passion

Programming my hobby

Hi there! I'm Kevin

Currently working as a Full Stack Engineer, but tinkering with C++ in my free time on my engine. I enjoy squeezing the most out of the CPU and GPU, as well as implementing something useable on top of it.

I really love games and programming, and as game development pose interesting challenges, I can't imagine anything more fascinating than developing games!


Flocking Simulation

Classic Boids, multithreaded

Flocking Simulation able to simulate and render 200 000 independent Boids on my Ryzen 5800x and RTX 3080 comfortably around 60-70 FPS, built on my own engine tako. It uses my job system to split the work around all threads. I also implemented an Octree and applied data oriented principles to further increase the performance.


A game engine

Whenever I play games, I get curious what the technology does behind the scenes, and due to this I love tinkering on my own game engine in C++ in my free time. I use it as a playground to learn more about game engine development. It features an ECS, WIP Vulkan Renderer, Job System and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. In the past it was able to run on the browser via WebAssembly and Emscripten, where I used it to participate in multiple game jams, such as ‘Ludum Dare‘.


Gamdevweek Trier 2019/2

A rythm based bullet hell game, made with a custom C++ engine made by another team member in ~5 days. I implemented the ingame HUD including the beat indicator and synchronized the beats with the music. I was also responsible for the player enemy interaction and implemented the player attacks using the ECS system of the engine. I also did half of the level design.

The odd and extraordinary story of a drunken elephant owning and breaking a china shop - and his assistant

Global Game Jam 2020

You are the assistant of an elephant, that owns a china shop. Unfortunately your elephantous employer had a boozy evening with his friends again and now he is rampaging in his own china shop. Like every time it's up to you to use your Reparinator 2000 to repair all the broken porcelain before the shop opens in the morning.

Bunny Plague

Ludum Dare 46

You love your garden and especially your giant award winning carrot. Nearby rabbits found out about your carrot and they are hungry, and so are you. Keep your carrot alive by throwing your self grown turnips at those bunnies, while eating a turnip or two to keep yourself alive as well.


Mobile Touristic Gaming App

This well received Gamification-App developed in Unity gives the player the opportunity to experience the history and culture of the city of Worms through games playable at various locations.

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